Monday, May 17, 2010

That answers it!

Just had this convo with DH not five minutes ago.

Mr. Stick: Hey! My friend T just had a baby.
Stickles: WTF? I didn't even know he got married.
Mr. Stick: He didn't.
Stickles: Wow - isn't that like a huge scandal?
Mr. Stick: No, my mom says everyone in Greece has a baby first these days before getting married.
Stickles: Oh great, that's our problem. We got married first. No wonder nothing's coming. F*cking A!

(Imagine this as sarcastic and perky banter. I didn't have a meltdown like last week or anything. In fact, the number of pregnancy/birthing announcements has gotten downright comical.)


  1. I guess you could stop wearing your rings for a while... maybe that would do the trick!
    I'm counting on homelessness these days, myself, but I wouldn't be above staging a mock divorce if I thought it would help!

  2. Sounds familiar. I am to the point where pregnancy announcements don't even phase me any longer.

  3. My husband always told me if we dressed like high schoolers and did it in the back of his truck somewhere on a makeout area that we'd get pregnant. We'd just have to pretend it wasn't supposed to happen LOL.

    And yeah, so many pregnancy announcements I feel like they just bounce off of me these days.

  4. Hug, Hug, Hug....
    because I am so in touch with these feelings. Even now.

    I remember not opening mail for DAYS because I just couldn't see another announcement.

    It's a sin how many people "not ready", "Not responsible" , "accidentally" get everything we want. It's just not fair.


  5. Divorce probably wouldn't fix it, huh? I'm glad you can find some dark humor in the situation. Sometimes that's all we've got left.

  6. hmmmm, annulment? Add that to the list of terrible TTC advice: "don't get married". LOL. I'm glad you are taking it well. Sometimes you just have to laugh at what the universe sends your way.

  7. Good God! I just got *another* pregnancy announcement, this time on Facebook. At least these two have been married awhile.

  8. It's actually uncanny how many announcements are coming through this month. I'm facing an onslaught, too. What the hell? Is it something in the water? (And, er, where can we get some of that water?)