Friday, May 21, 2010

F*ck, Are You For Serious?

As if we didn't have enough sh*t to worry about: Infertility Drugs Raise Autism Risk?


  1. See AmyG's post on this:

    Very possible that this is just another yahoo idiot scientist jumping on the autism-publicity wagon.

  2. I agree with Leslie. Even a rep from Autism speaks said, "The risk, however, is still relatively small and this should be reassuring to women who are using these drugs."


  3. I don't think that it's something to be overly worried about. The article did point out that there are a lot of confounding variables here that makes the conclusion a little uncertain. It's just the media jumping on something.

  4. *Yawn* Yet another reason we shouldn't be using infertility treatments. First of all IVF babies are premature & spend time in NICU, then fertility drugs cause Cancer & now this.

    With ART still being in it's conception stages, do we (or the scientists) really know what or if any of these WILL happen.

    They only surveyed a small percentage of people. For us to know what the true outcome of issues caused by ART are, they would need everyone who has a live birth from ART to answer the survey. No doubt then, the percentages would be a lot less & a lot more "normal".


  5. Thank you commenters, for your even-keeled, rational and reasonable responses to my angry knee-jerk reaction. I agree that it's probably been blown out of proportion by the media (and overly sensitive people like me).

    Autism is a particularly sore spot with me because I know some mothers who are struggling with a burden of maternal guilt for having a child with a disorder on the spectrum. I mean, they used to blame autism on "refrigerator mothers" back in the day! So it's a scary thing for me to think that there could be evidence drawing a link between a woman's efforts to attain motherhood and these disorders. Sigh.

  6. I saw something about that at one point. There are so many things out there that MIGHT cause autism...realistically, we are most likely safe. Don't freak out :)

  7. Autism is becoming like cancer in that EVERYTHING seems to "cause" it! I wouldnt worry too much about it