Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A little geek humor for today. (Thanks, XKCD.)

The deja vu of it all is getting to me. 

I have the whole treatment sequence down by heart now, and pretty much have the next month laid out:
  • CD 1: battle disappointment with sarcasm and dark humor
  • CD 3: baseline sonogram
  • CD 3-5: take crazy pills
  • CD 5+: battle "Clomidia" and onslaught of strange dreams
  • CD 14: mid-cycle sonogram where there will be one mature follie and an ok-but-not-great lining of 6-point-something
  • CD 16: +OPK
  • CD 17: the IUI shuffle
  • CD 18 - 26: actual professional productivity, as I'm not obsessed with TTC for exactly one week
  • CD 26 - 29: become obsessed over sore boobs, strange crampy feelings, and watching to see when - oh, i mean - if my temps fall
We'll see if Clomid 4.0/IUI 3.0 actually results in Sticklet 1.0. If it doesn't, I'm looking to power down for a cycle or two before upgrading my protocol to Injectibles 1.0.

I'm feeling pretty blah right about now.


  1. Hah I love xkcd. :P That's a funny comic.

    I'm still all wrapped up in the testing phase of things but I have a feeling I'll have a routine soon too.

  2. That totally made me laugh, and then run and show my husband! I love geek humor!

    Good luck with this cycle!

  3. I know you're frustrated, but I am loving the breakdown of IF cycles into geek speak. :) Hang in there chica.

  4. This was cute. Not the infertile part but the "geek speak", esp the sticklet bit. I hope this round is the one!

  5. I love xkcd as well! Doing the same thing over and over again certainly SUCKS. I'm glad you have some changes coming up if this cycle doesn't do the trick. And hey, one of these days it's gonna end differently! This could be it!

  6. Sigh.

    At least we still have stage 5. . .


    I feel ya. :)