Friday, April 23, 2010

Why won't this day end?!

You know those days you get, every now and then, when everything seems to flow? You hit a streak of green lights on the road, you have all the ingredients for a recipe you've been thinking about, you stumble upon the most perfect pair of shoes...and they're on sale?

Today...or rather, technically speaking yesterday was not one of those days. It was the opposite. I am out of sync with the universe for whatever reason, and it's having a whole lot of fun mocking me.

Nothing bad-with-a-capital-B happened. It's just that everything that could have gotten stuck or turned upside down seemed to. I spent the better part of the day planning a shopping excursion for two neighbors (they asked me to give them an insider's tour of an asian grocery store), only to have both of them flake out on me at the last minute. Then, a big outdoor fundraiser that I help put on every year got rained out in the evening. And to top things off, my cat decided to stop using her litter box.

So it was a sucktastic day, I've had them before and know things will get better. I decided to write it off, watch some crap tv, and then haul my tired and grumpy ass off to bed to start afresh tomorrow. And then what happens?

Mr. Stick comes down with a case of clueless husband. The man decides that it's okay to, just as I am surrendering to sleep, plop down beside me in bed, pop open the laptop, and WATCH GLEE CLIPS ON HULU WITH THE VOLUME ON FULL.

After a couple of minutes of me silently going "WTF?" I ask him very nicely if he would consider wearing headphones because didn't I tell him not less than two minutes before that I was exhausted and wanting to sleep? He, of course, apologizes, but at this point the damage is done. I am so AWAKE from the Madonna music and just pissed off at life in general.

Putting this all down in writing makes me realize what a freaking drama queen I am, but I'm hauling out the "I'm-on-Clomid-get-outta-jail-free" card for this little tantrum right now. It's 2am, and I'm so worked up I still can't sleep and get this day over with!!!


  1. I hear you on days where things just suck! I'm not even on clomid (due to my very thin lining it would be counter productive to put me on it) and I'm still uber-sensitive. A comment from my husband via email yesterday has put me into a 2 day tail spin. I think I have PMS which makes the sensitivity even worse! I think I just need a weekend!

    *By the way, new reader to your blog and it sounds like we're on fairly similar paths so I was happy to find your site. :)

  2. Ugh I hate those days. You just have to pray that when you do fall alseep they don't follow you to the next day.