Saturday, April 10, 2010

Calling the game early so we can all go home.

Temps have been falling the last two days, and the big fat one-liner this morning pretty much drove the point home for me.

I usually wait at least a few more days longer to test - mostly because experience has taught me that taking a pregnancy test is a surefire means to bring on AF. But I didn't want to play the mind game of "What if this is just an implantation dip?" with myself like I do so many other cycles, so I nipped hope in the bud. I realize this is terribly negative of me, but it's a self-preservation thing. Prolonging the hope = prolonging the pain.

This way, I can have a good cry when AF shows up, dry the tears all the faster and gird myself against another showdown with the Clomid.

I've got at least a weekend full of distractions to keep some of the blackness at bay. There's a local festival going on with all sorts of arts and crafts and rides, plus a BBQ cookoff that DH gets to help judge. And tomorrow we're all going out to dinner with the hostess I met at the chocolate party a few weeks ago and her husband. I don't know if IF is going to come up with the husbands around, and I'm a little worried that it'll set me off on a sadness spree, but who better to condole and share a drink with, right?


  1. E and I have always wanted to go to a chili or bbq cookoff.

    Hopefully AF won't be too delayed for me so we can be cycle buddies again next month and since we're both getting pregnant this coming cycle we will be pregnancy buddies as well.

    I'm proud of you for how well you're going about this and I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. That's crappy news Stickles. I'm sorry this cycle hasn't worked out with a better result.