Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bump on a log...

Sorry for not having posted for a few days. I've been feeling seriously unmotivated these days. Not just blog-wise, but life in general. I'm treading water or maybe even just floating...doing the minimum I can to keep my clients from firing me and my house from turning into a condemned disaster zone.

I'm not really tired, just...blah. And I'm not really sad or depressed - in fact, being sad or depressed would take too much energy. More like I'm not in the mood to expend energy to exert control over the things I usually like to control and keep the chaos/entropy/craziness of life at bay. I'm just wanting to curl up on the couch with a not-too-brain-taxing read and some episodic television. Wake me up if the apocalypse comes, otherwise I'm not budging.

Of course, this is the one of the worst times I could be sinking into "bump on a log" mode what with taxes due and a bunch of other spring projects to tackle. And it doesn't help at all that Mr. Stick is like the energizer bunny around me either - just his ability to *do* something makes me feel like a guilty bag of lazybones.

Sigh. Since I haven't taken Clomid for a few weeks now, I need to find a new scapegoat. Maybe it's the weather. The past few days the weather has gone from lovely warm spring to hot and muggy. Yep - got about oh...two weeks of spring. Stupid Texas weather.

Anyway, I'm nearing the second half of the 2ww which means I should at least have the energy in a few days to go crazy watching my temperature and analyzing every twinge and ache. But right now even just thinking about that makes me...blah.


  1. Yeah, I hear you. My career is totally going down the toilet. I wish I cared.

    I am sure you are right, that insanity will give you that little 'boost' of energy in a few days... unfortunately, it may not motivate you to actually get any real work done.

  2. Sounds awfully familiar. I've had some mighty blah weeks. And I seem to have mastered the bare minimum. Anyway, let's hope it turns out that this is how you feel when implanting an embryo.

  3. Texas is giving me a run for my money too. Today I could barely drive down the highway with out blowing into the other lane and my car is covered in a yellow dust from all the pollen. yuck!

    What day are you testing?!

  4. Arrgghh, I know that "I just don't give a ..." feeling all too well. Cosy yourself up, do lovely things and it will pass, surely.

    Fingers crossed for you!