Monday, March 29, 2010

It's not just the LH that is surging...

Sorry if this post is TMI. You have been warned.

Okay, someone needs to hold me down right now before I dash in and throw myself at Mr. Stick.

There is something about seeing that little egg image in my ClearBlue monitor that turns me into raging horny woman. Just knowing that the fertile window that is oh-so-rarely is unlatched is WIDE open with the wind blowing in...I want sperm in there, damn it!

I am under strict orders not to BD for 48 hours before my IUI, which is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Logically, I know this makes sense. My surge just appeared, eggs will not be dropping for another 24-48 hours, and the IUI gives those sperm an extra few hours so they don't get all tired out swimming into my uterus (okay, I'm kind of making that last part up).

But someone tell that to the crazy, OCD, hormonal control freak in my head! And don't get me started on the fertile CM that I can feel building up in my lady-parts.

Okay Stickles, need to breathe in...breathe out...that IUI is arriving sooner than you think. Do not, I repeat, do not touch your husband until then. And put away that cute lacy underwear...I know what you're thinking...

Edited to add...

See, I'm so wrapped up in my crazed state that I forgot to blog last night's dream!

I clearly have IUI on my mind because I dreamt that I was going over the sperm analysis results with a technician. A technician who was...Sarah Silverman.

WTF? Sarah Silverman? Is this strangely connected to my Jason Bourne dream (you know, that whole "Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel" thing...)?


  1. Dude, I seriously don't remember what horny feels like, so this sounds pretty exciting to me. I presume the not having sex is about your husband not wasting his precious sperm, so perhaps you can engage in some activities that will blunt the edge of the horniness? Maybe you can pretend to be unmarried christian teens who aren't allowed to have intercourse.

  2. Wow, I am so excited for you! IUI sounds pretty hopeful. Yeah, you don't want to deplete the supply of sperm- not to mention, your husband needs all the pent-up horniness he can muster to manage to ejaculate in the dr.s office restroom....

  3. I am sooo excited for your IUI! YOU CAN WAIT!!! Save those little guys for the big event!

  4. LOL at Bunny!

    Good luck keeping things under wraps! And IUI, very exciting!

  5. Bunny - that last comment had me aching with laughter. Have you ever seen the "ear sex" episode of "Family Guy"?

    Thanks to everyone else for your positive and hopeful comments. Keeping those fingers crossed.