Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Fortune Cookie Lied

Yesterday, I was 13 DPO with a record-high bbt of 98.6.  I felt that I had reason to be hopeful. It was my first month on Clomid. My LH surge was so strong I ovulated within 24 hours, on Day 16 with the full moon. The stars were going to align. I could feel it in the little pinches in my uterus.

DH and I went out for Chinese, and we joked gaily about this fortune that I drew. We've had a lot of bizarre luck with fortune cookies in the years past, and this was perfect. Unambigiously optimistic, well-timed, written in quirky-yet-catchy bad english. I saved it, envisioning that it would go into the scrapbook along with the positive pregancy test I was going to surely get in a few days.

This morning, I am 14 DPO with a record bbt drop to 97.5. I have been here before. Enough times to know that even if the fortune cookie lied, the thermometer never does.

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