Thursday, June 10, 2010

Binging on Free Wifi

So I made it to California safe and sound, only to find that the previous tenant living in our place freakin stole the router, so I have had no internet (wireless or otherwise) for nearly a week now. I've been joking around that I feel Amish living without easy internet access, but my clients and friends seem to be taking it much harder. I've fielded so many calls asking if I've dropped off the earth!

Luckily, where I'm living I'm surrounded by cafes with free wifi, so I've been hopping all around the neighborhood to get my daily fix. I've been focusing mostly on getting work done, and only now have had the chance to post and leave a couple of sporadic comments. Oh, and the landlord and the property management company are going back and forth over who has to replace it, so who knows how much longer this is going to last?! Grrr...

Body-wise, I just finished up my week of antibiotics, so hopefully that UTI crap is out of my system and gone for good. It usually takes a few days to find out, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It turns out that I ovulated the day before my UTI, so I'm not holding out a whole lot of hope that anything managed to conceive and stick around down there.

Even so, I'm feeling pretty content to be in a different place and in such a vibrant environment. I'm between the Mission and Castro districts, so it's kind of nice to see lots of straight and gay couples walking around with dogs instead of kids. We fit right in, though Fetch is a bit of a hick and doesn't heel or behave as citified as the other little dogs. (He's sitting at my heels outside the cafe as I type this and is looking up every now and then to see if I'll share my tuna sandwich.) I signed on with a yoga studio nearby, and I've been eating really well with all the yummy ethnic places and little produce markets around.

Anyway, I send out lots of love and happy thoughts to my preggie and infertile friends alike. I've tried to comment on most of my regular haunts and will do my best to keep it up.


  1. Awesome neighborhood!!! Wow, you are going to have an amazing summer there. I am jealous! I miss SF.

    I'm glad your UTI is (more or less) gone, and you can enjoy some nice live music, cafes, and the park. Ahhhhhhh.... Sounds divine.

  2. Aren't free wifi cafes great? I especially love bookstores (like Borders Books) that have a cafe with free wifi. It's like getting the best of both worlds!

    Ironically I'm currently at a S.bucks free-wifi-ing it. We're back in MI thu Tuesday holed up in our house which we've not sold since moving to Chicago over a year ago. Which ... really is okay, seeing that it looks like we're going to end up moving back to suburban Detroit by the end of summer. (D*mn unemployment!) Problem is, like you ... no internet access at home. Boo.

    Anyway, glad you made it safely and I'm jealous that you're on the west coast! One day Hubby & I will make it out there.

    BTW ... thanks for your comments on my blog!


  3. so glad you're feeling better sweets.
    It stinks about your Router...but I'm glad that it's meant you get time outside sipping something yummy to check in with us.

    Also thanks for the comment yesterday, I am glad that you are feeling optimism. Just what I had "Hoped" for when I wrote that post.

    Have a great weekend :) HUGS

  4. Lucky girl, sounds like you've landed in an amazing area. :) I'll live vicariously through your updates which I hope include as much about the TTC Bullshite as your adventures in your new hood!

  5. Glad to hear you made it safely to Cali. It sounds like you are in a great neighborhood. Damn shame about your router, hopefully that gets fixed soon.
    I've got my fingers crossed that your UTI is all cleared up.

  6. Sounds wonderful, and I'm entirely picturing you chilling out to the Cali lifestyle of a nice neighborhood, yoga and good eating. I love where you are right now (both philosophically and geographically). A pain about the router (when I'm without internet it feels as if I've had a limb amputated) but hopefully it gets sorted fast.

    Hope you all enjoy that salty air (and that Fetch enjoys his new environs):)

  7. Hey hun you still out there? Everything ok?

  8. Yay for San Francisco. Promise me to take some beautiful walks for me, swing by the park, and climb a tree or 2. Oh, and eat/drink as many different kinds of food as possible. Sweet, thanks! Have fun!